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3/29/2018 Las Cruces

I'm thinking you will hardly it was your doctor lady 3 weeks ago that filled out the paperwork and I finally got my card thank you guys so much May the force be with you


3/15/2018 Las Cruces

Knowledgeable staff, very helpful and friendly. Prices are average for Las Cruces as far as I have found. My dispensary of choice. Thanks Eli for being caring and patient while teaching me about your products. You exemplify what customer service is all about.


3/10/2018 Roswell

Was my first time there, gentleman was great & patient with me


2/23/2018 Carlsbad

I am not a customer, but I have worked with the PVP team in a business capacity. The management team is amazing, knowledgeable, and passionate. They really seem to care about their customers.


2/6/2018 Roswell

1 is to high of a rating! Staff is very rude , they talk about clients making fun of them and don't address you when you come in . Also prices are high! Staff enjoyes talking to customers about unrelated topics while theirs a customer waiting. Staff is not being attentive and respectful to clients needs. I speak of the 3 , Craig, Nohemi, and the bigger of the two older gals. Not the short


1/27/2018 Las Cruces

Customer relations is great and product as well


1/22/2018 Carlsbad

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